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International Canceled Flight

If you are traveling on an international flight to or from a European Union member country, and your flight is canceled, don't worry! Your air passenger rights are protected by law.

If the cancelation has already occurred, this is what needs to happen

1. The airline should notify you about the official reason for the flight cancelation.

2. The airline should offer:


     a. Reimbursement within 7 days of the full cost of the ticket at the price it was bought

     b. Re-Routing to their final destination at the earliest opportunity 

     c. Meals and refreshments

     d. Hotel accommodation (in certain circumstances)

     e. Transport

3.  You should keep all the receipts connected to the flight, including:

     a. Rebooked ticket

     b. Additional expenses you had due to the flight cancelation.

4. You should know that you are eligible a minimum of 600EUR.


5. You should contact "EuroDelays" to receive professional representation in claiming your compensation.

If you have experienced a flight-related issue, contact us at, or fill out our "Inquiry Form" at

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