Lost, Delayed, or Damaged luggage


1. Under an Article 22(2) of the Montreal Convention the liability of the carrier in the case of destruction, loss, damage or delay is limited to $1,595 (1,131 SDRs) for each passenger unless the passenger has made, at the time when the checked baggage was handed over to the carrier, a special declaration of interest in delivery at destination and has paid a supplementary sum if the case so requires. In that case the carrier will be liable to pay a sum not exceeding the declared sum, unless it proves that the sum is greater than the passenger’s actual interest in delivery at destination. 

2. You must make a written complaint to the airline within 7 days if your baggage has been damaged or destroyed. Article 31(1) of the Montreal Convention


3. You must file a claim with respect to a delayed, or lost luggage within 21 days from the moment you were notified about the luggage issue.


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